TQ in Sydney group show SSFA 2014 until 15 February.

I’m in Sullivan and Strumpf’s annual group exhibition, SSFA2014 with my work featuring the amazing writer and poet Fabian Romero.


TextaQueen, “Faith” (Fabian Romero). 

2012, fibre-tipped marker and acrylic paint on Stonehenge cotton paper, 127 × 97cm (50 x 38 inches).

[image caption: brown boi Fabian poses amongst cacti like the Virgen de Guadalupe with their poem radiating from them. fabian’s poems are at fabianswriting.tumblr.com]


@Sullivan and Strumpf 

799 Elizabeth St

Zetland NSW 2017 AUSTRALIA

T. +61 2 96984696

Last day is this Saturday!

There are two levels of galleries. Apologies that the upstairs gallery is not wheelchair accessible. There is a long flight of stairs and I’m not sure which level my work is on.