TQ in National Artists’ Self-Portrait Prize 2013 at UQ

I’m one of the invited artist in the National Artist’s Self Portraiture Prize 2013 “remix. post. connect” to be shown at the University of Queensland Art Museum from 19 October 2013 – 16 February 2014.

About the show…

The prominence given to the self image in social media, on reality television and in everyday life has generated an audience primed to receive and consume personal information. Whether artists today operate from a digital platform or not, their self portraits are likely to be understood within this context. 

remix. post. connect. explores the impulse to manipulate, present or exchange aspects of self, through artworks in a range of media. The exhibition acknowledges that identity is unstable, and that one’s sense of self is informed by multiple, often competing, influences, including heritage. 

The invited artists adopt various approaches that do not always conform to traditional notions of self portraiture. While some use biography or narrative, others are less overt. In each case, the artists have disclosed something about themselves, whether fabricated or ‘real’.

Curator: Samantha Littley, Curator, UQ Art Museum

Judge: Blair French, Assistant Director, Curatorial and Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia 


Chris Bennie • Natasha Bieniek • Jane Burton • Thea Costantino • Paula Do Prado • James Dodd • Adrienne Doig • Yavuz Erkan • Fiona Foley • Katherine Griffiths •  David Griggs •  Brent Harris • Petrina Hicks • Anastasia Klose •  Michael Lindeman • Jess MacNeil • Jennifer Mills • Kate Mitchell • Archie Moore • Nell • Shaun O’Connor • Tom O’Hern • Ryan Presley •  Eugenia Raskopoulos • Victoria Reichelt • Tobias Richardson • Stuart Ringholt • David Rosetzky •  Khaled Sabsabi • Yhonnie Scarce • Nalda Searles • Alexander Seton • Sancintya Simpson • Jacqui Stockdale • Darren Sylvester • TextaQueen • David M Thomas • Min Wong 

The National Artist’s Self Portrait Prize is an annual exhibition with a first prize of $100 000.

Here is my entry…

“Expecting”, fibre-tipped markers, coloured pencil and acrylic on Stonehenge cotton paper, 50 x 38 inches, 2013