Tonight 6-8pm, I’ll be awarding Good White Person certificates @blindside_ari for $10 for white people ($5 for Black/Indigenous/POC to award their allies). White allies, buy authentic, timeless proof of allyship tonight, I’ll be personally authorising your certificate as a Person of Colour Representative, and you can be photographed receiving your certificate for further evidence of your goodness. I’ll also be debuting new work made during my State Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship, created in conceptual collaboration with @10gentlecollective. Part of ALWAYS THERE AND ALL A PART

Curator | Andy Butler

Curatorial mentor | Emily Cormack

Nathan Beard, Lara Chamas, Caroline Garcia, Steven Rhall, Hari Sivanesan, Priya Srinivasan, TextaQueen


Thursday, December 7, 2017, 6pm – 8pm (occurring at same time as Night at the Nicholas pop up market)



Nicholas Building, Level 7, Room 14, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne / Narrm

Always there and all a part presents works that interrogate the complexities of navigating race in the arts. Whiteness is at the foundation of the sector, and the exhibition plays with the tension between diversity and inclusion discourse and the institutional Whiteness that frames the practices and bodies of non-White artists. Spanning both gallery spaces of BLINDSIDE, Always there and all a part unpacks what it means to make work for a White artistic community that is invested in creating an aesthetics of inclusion, while simultaneously only extending conditional invitations to diverse artists from within White spaces. The exhibition troubles these aesthetics and power dynamics at their borders and boundaries, across photography, performance, printmaking, video and installation.

Opening night includes performance by Priya Srinivasan + Hari Sivanesan. With two texts on Whiteness by Andy Butler and Diego Ramirez. Wheelchair accessible. (at BLINDSIDE)