Some things never change (Leah).

Self Portrait with Textas.

It could be anyone (Vanessa).

Where will we go when the world implodes? (Taylor Mac).

Shall I raise my eyebrows and gasp? (Alex).

You didn’t love me when I lived here (Fem Appeal as Josephine Baker).

You have to set yourself slow (Gal Friday).

Ain’t nothing in this world belong to nobody (Kat Marie Yoas).

There’s always a sacrifice (Sascha).

If I ever go to another social engagement (Celia).

I don’t want to disturb you (Nancy).

It was so my pleasure (Megan).

Someday she’ll make it on Broadway or she’ll make it on Broadway someday!! (Singing Sadie).

When fresh young ginger comes on the market (Lindsey).

It’s not really stealing if it were meant to be mine (Michelle).

I sold myself to Satan for thirty dollars (JenJen).

As soon as I came on stage he knew what my bedroom smelt like (Megan aka Maggot).

I’m hunting and pecking (Michelle Tea).

We laugh at our imperfections (Kelli Jean).

I guess comfortable would be an overstatement (Amber Valentine).

I shouldn’t have put it there to tempt you (Dana).

Do you want to knock yourself out? (Amy Gale).

People tell me things they wouldn’t tell their best friends (Deez).

I say “Me-ow” don’t look now (Pash).

Viking (Amy).

We separate ourselves (Francesca).

I can tell if I start I won’t be able to stop (Annie Danger).

Love: Art: Bob (Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens).

I like it when you use it self-consciously (Kevin Blechdom).

How shall we name them? (Anna and Margaret).

It’s having the time to fit it all in (Sprinkle Magic).

Neither of us mentioned the incident subsequently (Ali).

But, from that moment onward, with that woman I felt absolutely free (Nat).

You don’t have many because you are one (Keg and me).

You don’t have many because you are one (Keg and me).

Eventually they were released from prison and sold their stories (Starr and Leticia)