Learn Your ACABs


an alternative alphabet + mindful colouring book illustrated by TextaQueen and written by TextaQueen + 10gentle collective*

The book’s text follows the tune of The Alphabet Song, the original lyrics are now morphed into acronyms and expressions about different identities, prison abolition, and community resistance to this world’s oppressions.

Here are the first few lines, they are also sung delightfully off-key in the video! 

A – C – A – B

F – T – P

No more prisons, end slavery 

H – I   Jack patriarchy

O – K   It’s time for First Nations Sovereignty 

It’s illustrated with dizzying detail including a mouldy donut, a flaming cop car, the dunking of a deserving statue, a rainbow-riding narwhal and exploding gender reveal balloons!

A colouring book for all ages and for now! 

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Sales raise funds for TheySwarm.

*10gentle collective is an anonymous international collaboration between diverse creators producing satirical and critical anti-oppression material.

[ID: the cover of a book on old polished floorboards. The cover reads ‘LEARN YOUR’ in bright yellow 60s/70s letters and ‘A’ ‘C’ ‘A’ ‘B’ on protest placards held by different brown hands. The background is 60s/70s style flowers on green marker lines]