Learn Your ACABs: Get One – Give One


GET ONE BOOK FOR YOU & ONE BOOK IS GIVEN TO A GRASSROOTS GROUP OR an individual low-income Queer / Trans Black / Indigenous person with disabilities, with TextaQueen delivering or paying to ship the second book.

Your second book is currently given to RISE – Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees or I will post to an individual low-income Queer / Trans, Black / Indigenous person with disabilities (crip /crazy) – if that’s you, please email.

So far 50 books have been given to First Nations Mutual Aid and RISE via the initial Learn Your ACABs campaign.

An alternative alphabet + mindful colouring book illustrated by TextaQueen and written by TextaQueen + 10gentle collective*.

24 pages, offset edition of 1000 printed on recycled stock with a local sustainable printer.

Edition of 1000. Hand-numbered and initialled by TQ.

The book’s text follows the tune of The Alphabet Song, the original lyrics are now morphed into acronyms and expressions about different identities, prison abolition and community resistance to this world’s oppressions.

Here are the first few lines…

A – C – A – B

F – T – P

No more prisons, end slavery 

H – I   Jack patriarchy

O – K   It’s time for First Nations Sovereignty 

It’s illustrated with dizzying detail including a mouldy doughnut, a flaming cop car, the dunking of a deserving statue, a rainbow-riding narwhal and exploding gender reveal balloons!

A mindful colouring book for all ages and for now!

[Disclaimer: If it wasn’t clear, this book does not teach the traditional order of the Roman alphabet]

Sales of the book go towards setting up TheySwarm: an artist residency for ‘diverse and dispersed’ artists that TextaQueen will peer mentor in their Collingwood shopfront studio. It’ll be for queer and trans, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour with priority to artists with disabilities. 

+ $1 from every book sold goes to Wuurn of Kanak LandBack initiative.

CRIP + CRAZY QTIBIPOC individuals get FREE DIGITAL DOWNLANDS (email me!) plus a $5 discount on the printed book. Use the coupon “C+CQTIBIPOC” at checkout for your discount.

TheySwarm’s dream is to find a balance between accessing Art World networks and keeping the ‘by us – for us’ attitude of queer / punk / crip /  DIY / BIPOC community – to create an emotionally, physically and financially sustainable space for connection and creativity.

Keeping with the aspirations of the future residency –

CRIP + CRAZY QTIBIPOC individuals (as well as radical educational and parenting collectives in the web of those intersections) get FREE DIGITAL DOWNLANDS (email me!) and/or a $5 discount on the printed book. Use the coupon “C+CQTIBIPOC” at checkout for your discount.

**10gentle collective is an anonymous international collaboration between diverse creators producing satirical and critical anti-oppression material.


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