New photos of individual cards, same promo… Have you been dreaming of a White Christmas / Holiday Season? If you don’t already own a set of Textanudes 54 Mark II Playing Cards (2011), purchase a pack and your dreams can come true!* usually $30 AUD each, use code THEONESIUSED2KNOW for 50% off until January 1st – that’s only $15 a pack! I prolifically drew ‘Textanudes’ for over 14 years, mostly white, mostly ciswomen, naked yet ‘un-dressed-up’, in accessories, poses, characters of their choosing, in their homes and landscapes. This deck is my second edition (the first was in 2001), each card a different drawing that was originally approximately 1 meter (50 inches) high. This deck spans eight years of portraits. There’s a little booklet with witty snippets about the subjects. Perfect gift for the white feminist in your life – *not to erase the six or seven people of colour in the pack (myself included). Order from link in bio #textanudes #textaqueen #pinupplayingcards #whitexmas #holidayseason Thanks @maxinebeneba for my advertising slogan