True History of the Kelly Gang (Salote), Warby Ranges.

Naked Landscapes of Victoria Documentary.

Instruments of Reconstruction (Naima), Gippsland.

Cake Lady by the Lake (Nat the Cake Lady), Lakes National Park, Gippsland.

The search has come to a dead halt (Poss and Harold), Cheviot Beach, Portsea.

Mary and the Twelve Apostles (Pash), The Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell National Park.

The Legend of the Big Cat (Esther), The Grampians.

The Witch of Mount Wycheproof (Carla), Wycheproof.

Here’s the serenity or The Great Winnebago Adventure (Lou), Lake Eildon.

The Giant Koala (jenjen), Dadswells Bridge.

I’m not there to be their friend (Kristelle and Link), Alice Springs.