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My dear friend and wonderful creatrix @geethrax has an essay ‘A Forbidden Desire’ out now, aptly illustrated by my work ‘Leader’. Our conversations consistently give me life. I said to her once that she’s one of the smartest people I know and she replied that I needed new friends. Love her.
“My mother is standing on one side of my bed and I am standing on the other, a sea of balding green bedspread between us. It is the summer after second grade and I have just written a letter to a school friend who moved to another suburb with her mother after her parents’ separation. It is the 1980s and the only contact we have outside of school with kids who don’t live on our street is to either ring their rotary dial telephone or to mail something. The word landline isn’t even in use because nobody has a mobile.

I ask my mother if we can post the letter I have written on pretty blue paper with violets printed around the edges. “Can I read it?” she asks.

I say “No”. Well, I don’t remember whether I said “No, it’s private,” or just “No,” but I do remember the sting of her anger. “Girls who write private letters are the kinds of girls who have boyfriends!” she says, almost spitting the words out.” ~Gitanjali. (@geethrax ) Link in bio @wangproductions #liftingtheburdenofshameseries #Repost @geethrax
It’s been a while since I sent any writing out into the world. I took most of last year off to concentrate on music and to get my shit together financially. This is the first thing that came out since then. Check it out at: www.wendyanguloproductions.com
Thank you to my dear friend @textaqueen for lending her image to my words. Thank you @wangproductions for including me in your #liftingtheburdenofshame series ? #writersofinstagram #shame #sexuality #woc #essay #Textaqueen