It is likely too late now to have my 2018 Calendar in your palms by the weekend if you haven’t already ordered online but if you’re in Narrm there are a few @brunswickbound 361 Sydney Road and the State Library location of Readings bookstore in the city. Also if you order from link in bio now until Dec 27th and use code SHIPSHAPE you’ll get free shipping within Oz and free shipping worldwide on first 5
orders (calendars only). While stocks last, as there are only a few left, I hope to sell out before 2018! $25 / $20 AUD. 10% of online sales to SOS Blak Australia. BIPOC PM me if you’re in Berlin or London as pick up may be possible Image: Speak No? (2017): indian ink marker, watercolour, coloured pencil and synthetic polymer paint on cotton paper, 127 × 96.5 cm
A self-portrait processing ideas of cultural connection on ‘returning to the Motherland’ as a second generation emigrant of India. Investigating her positioning having been born relatively privileged in the diaspora whilst further distanced from language and culture than those raised in the colonised country of origin, TextaQueen reflects on projecting ‘otherness’ onto those sharing tangential legacies yet living distant experiences. Women wearing dupattas from various regions of India float away behind her, an urban-resilient rhesus monkey covers her mouth while it screams a translation of the artist’s frustrated disconnection and a culpable colonial legacy possesses her strained pupils. #textaqueen #2018calendar #freeshipping #speaknoevil #rhesusmonkey #dupattas #theother #theotherwoman #colonialism #connection #disconnection #communication #emigration #southasiandiaspora