TextaQueen is known for virtuosity in using the humble and unforgiving medium of fibre-tip marker (aka ‘texta’) to articulate complex politics of race, gender, sexuality and identity; examining how visual and popular culture inform personal identity with increasing focus on the influence of ethno-cultural and colonial legacies on these dynamics.

Employing a distinctive style, TextaQueen has re-interpreted the salon nude, re-created cultural and historical identities naked in natural landscapes, and depicted people of colour as outlaws of their apocalypses of colonialism in fictional movie poster portraits. Shifting from the collaborative exchange that was the basis of these works, recent practice details the evolution of the artist’s identity as person of Goan Indian heritage born and raised in Australia, while using the image of self as a conduit for discussing broader experiences of racism, exoticism and expectations of cultural authenticity.

Not limited to the portrait frame, nor gallery context, TextaQueen wields creative weaponry into many forms and contexts. Their work has appeared as commissioned tapestries for the Australian Tapestry Workshops, animations for SBS TV and National Portrait Gallery of Australia, a surfboard for Clean Ocean Foundation, a colouring-in book and calendar tea-towel for Third Drawer Down, album cover art for Rose Turtle Ertler, murals, tattoos, billboards, postcards, posters, zines and pin-up playing cards.

TextaQueen hosts drawing workshops for kids, teens and grown-ups at such institutions as National Gallery of Victoria, Queensland Art Gallery and the Sherman Foundation, performs narrative ‘slide-shows’ including with Sister Spit at the New Museum, New York and Redcat Theatre, Los Angeles, and creates live drawing-performance spectacles at galleries across the world.

Texta has exhibited widely and wildly across Australia including Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Perth Institute of Contemporary Art; Gertrude Contemporary and Australian Centre for Moving Image, Melbourne and the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane and internationally in Amsterdam, Belgium and across North America including a recent mural commission for ‘Taking it to the Streets’ at de Young Museum, San Francisco.

TextaQueen’s work is held in numerous collections including Art Gallery of Western Australia, Heide Museum of Modern Art, National Gallery of Victoria, National Portrait Gallery of Australia, University of Queensland, Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery, Monash University of Modern Art, Cruthers Collection of Womens Art, Artbank as well as private collections across Australia, the United Kingdom and North America.

TextaQueen is represented by Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney.

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Costume by Alice Edgeley.
Photo from SMH Oct 2010.
Website by Lach Conn.


tq [at] textaqueen [dot] com