Make It Up Club.

Michael Palin for Sydney Morning Herald.

Cover Illustration for Arts House.

Reminders for Healing Together Network.

Comic Panel for Braddock's Dailies

Home for Artbank.

H is for Hotdog for Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation.

Worse Than Queer for Hir Shit Productions.

We Can Undo It! for Breakdown Press.

Art. Be in it. for 3CR Radio.

Apocalypse Ahoy! for brunswick bound.

Colour-in-Nudes Rub-On-Bikinis for Third Drawer Down.

Unseen Superheroes of the Working World for Queensland Art Gallery.

Self Portrait in Textas for Heart Foundation.

2009 Calendar Teatowel for Third Drawer Down.

Nudes Not Nukes for Breakdown Press.

Surfboard for Clean Ocean Foundation.

Textanude Playing Cards for Australian Tapestry Workshop.

Ping Pong Princess for Rose Turtle Ertler .