#blackhistoryeverymonth Professor Gary Foley at the new home of these archives of First Nations resistance to colonisation of so-called Australia that he’s been personally gathering (whilst hugely active in that resistance) for decades, worked with others to compile (team of Black women working in there currently), with ongoing additions as resistance continues. So blessed to know this man. Gratitude for his living legacy and personally for all I’ve learnt from his work and for what’s been exchanged in our years of friendship. Feel so grounded whilst fired up yet refreshingly unconsumed every time we meet up and rant. Can search online for digitised archive ‘Foley Collection’ at Victoria University, and also his older website kooriweb.org #GaryFoley #Gumbainggir #AboriginalAcademic #AboriginalActivist #AboriginalHistoryArchive #BlackPower #LandRights #SelfDetermination (at Victoria University – Footscray Park Campus)