A photo I took of my incredible artist sister Keg de Souza with her work Impossible Utopia as part of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Primavera 2011. It’s an inflatable geodesic dome made out of discarded umbrella skins she collected around Sydney with a map inside of the local area of The Rocks detailing it’s history of land grabs, real estate speculation, community displacement and commercial greed! She is one of my favourite artists and I’d say that even if I wasn’t her sibling. We always turn to each other for art advice and to deconstruct the racism / sexism of the art world / world. I’m so proud that I’m related to her and thankful to our parents for making us turn out like we are! Check out what’s she’s been doing lately (like her inflatable ghost house!) at kegdesouza.blogspot.com #kegdesouza #inflatable #therocks #mca #primavera #greataustralianartist (at The Rocks, Sydney)