A montage of some of the detail of works in Gods Save the Queen. Feeling gratitude for all the people that have assisted me in making my art. Thank you Sarah @sarahujmaia, Adelaide, Natasha @en.v666, Bo @bo.thirteenzero and Udita Tikmani Dhruv (in Varanasi) for your time, talent and supportive company through making work for three shows, my aching hands & body and I thank you for creating a little more ease, in so many ways beyond the physical, through this time. Thanks to IRL friends who have supported me and the private words of appreciation from people I don’t know as much as words from those I do know, who witness yourself in my work, you literally keep me going in making this vulnerable work. I couldn’t name you all and appreciate that you don’t do it for the likes anyway #behindthescenes #chronicpain #disability #gratitude #soothingtheburn #holdingeachother